Breaking Free On A Wednesday Morning

And blogging my way through the year.

I plan to post at least once a day, for the entirety of 2014.

Follow me on my new year's journey, if you like. I think it's going to be a good one.

Listening to ‘Ear Biscuits’ while cleaning my room and being struck yet again by just how badly I want to be creating things all the time, and meeting other creative people and collaborating with them on stuff. But I feel so trapped by my own self doubt and fear of failure, not to mention the crippling motivational drain of living at home when I want my own space.

So now I’m feeling totally blah and don’t want to continue the massive excavation of crap from my bedroom. Stupid.

Signs of Spring: the patio Wisteria. It’s pretty, but it smells really strong and falls absolutely everywhere. It also attracts a lot of bees…

Finally - finally - gave Chase a bath. He seemed to almost enjoy himself, though he was just as uncooperative as the last time.

Nothing better than having your mood drop to the deepest depths of self pity and loneliness at midnight, when everyone in the house is either heading to bed, already asleep, or too busy playing stupid iPad games to listen to you talk about how you feel.

peepscarf108 said: Oh cuuuute. Also red suits you really nicely. ;D

Thanks! :3  My haircut is already starting to annoy me; I think I should have left some length, because when it’s totally dry it gets enormous. I have to use multiple clips/ties to control the puffiness of it somewhat, so I can only partially wear it loose. Ah well.
And yep, reds/corals tend to be my best colours! Although anything deep/rich tends to work with my hair and complexion. The absolute worst colour on me seems to be really pale/pastel mint green; it makes me look incredibly ill haha. But most other things seem to be at least alright.


peepscarf108 said: That’s a shame but it’s a good show so press on :O

Yeeeesss, I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while, but only discovered the joys of how good a show it is this past Friday night. I’ve seen the first 5 episodes, and want to introduce my brother to it as well - I showed him episode one, and he’s into it already :D

Trying to covertly download some episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in a busy cafe. The Dome wifi isn’t incredible, and it throws me offline after every 100MB, but seems to never block me from logging back in. This is awesome.

So tired.

Weekend At Bernie’s 2. What the actual fuck.

He loved the shirt so much he changed into it on the spot. I can still feel his thank you hug.

Got my hair cut and I don’t hate it. That’s a first! Fingers crossed it stays shaped as it finishes drying.