Breaking Free On A Wednesday Morning

And blogging my way through the year.

I plan to post at least once a day, for the entirety of 2014.

Follow me on my new year's journey, if you like. I think it's going to be a good one.

Why do I almost always feel such an annoying, wobbly dread in the pit of my stomach the night before I have to go to work? I don’t hate my job, so although I don’t really like it either, at worst it should be an “ugh, work”. But instead it’s more like “Fuck, no, what if I don’t sleep well tonight and I feel super tired at work? What if my back doesn’t feel better tomorrow and I have to do my whole shift in pain?”

This is not a good thing. Retail is really not for me. Someone find me a job where I can sit down for the majority of the day, please?

I am so obsessed with this cover. Haven’t listened to it for ages, but it came into my head and I had to track it down and post it for future reference. That, and I’ve done absolutely nothing of any use or point today, so if I didn’t post a link to something I’d have no content for a “daily post” post XD

Can’t wait to listen to this all the way through. Except I’m scared to put it in our crummy old record player in case that somehow wrecks the vinyl… For now I think I’ll make use of the free digital download coupon, and when I at some stage acquire my own turntable, then I can experience the album in all its insane glory.

But oh man, I keep thinking about how I almost didn’t want to trek to the shop because I knew Shane would likely be there and I couldn’t shake the dream I had this morning where we made out XD Of course I did go, and he was there… and I couldn’t look him in the eye, I felt so awkward thinking about it. As if he would somehow know my thoughts, haha. Gosh.

Probably gonna have to go back to Rhubarb Records though - their set up in the front room of the other store is really nifty, and it’s also a new excuse to go visit M. Which I know I shouldn’t be thinking about but whatever.

There was also Hit Man, the Rubik’s cube, evil Furbies, Magna-Dude!, and flinching at the thought of being punched in the face by a Lego fist. Among other things.
Which, also, note to self: think more about the toys.

Was nice to be at Mikey’s birthday lunch and meet a few of his friends I didn’t know before; Bec, Seb, Daniel and Karl. Karl with a K, which was of note because K is obviously superior to C in names, we discussed. Karl with a K from California. Or Kalifornia? Ha. I need sleep.

Ah, and yes. Super intense 32-varieties-of-insanely-hot-chilli (not sure what types, though I was informed “many of the world’s hottest”, so I’d love to know if any Carolina Reaper was in there) peanut brittle. That I found pretty damn tolerable to eat - no access to dairy, but surprised myself by not desperately needing it anyway - but can still feel resting at my sternum 10 hours later. My stomach is a bit mad at my mouth.

Rowan dropped the milk bottle and it aggressively deflated. I’m glad it didn’t hit Chase in the head though, as I think he was lying right next to the fridge at the time.

Anyway, ugh, still feeling a bit sick. I wish someone from work would have warned me about the 40%-off sale in advance of my shift, because the store is non-stop busy every time we have one of those. I’m pretty wiped out, so I’m hoping I can get a good sleep in tonight before somehow going to Player 1 and then Mikey’s birthday lunch (and also maybe the Hoo Haa after that).

Might have caught whatever stupid sickness Rowan has, because I’m feeling like crap right now. Sucks more due to the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow. Blegh.

Downside of melatonin: the heat keeping me conscious for ages even though my body wants to be asleep, but then still waking up early because of the daylight “alarm”. So tired as a result.

Dad loaned me money to buy bathers, and I even managed to find a nice set at work - so, 40% staff discount!

Apart from the internet issues I’ve been having recently (worse than normal; I can’t get online on anything other than my phone unless I’m some place with wifi. So to anyone who I am meant to be messaging or emailing etc, sorry - I can’t currently even access the messages I’m needing to reply to right now - it’s crazy making to be honest), today wasn’t too bad!
Even my mood was more blah than depressed. Not amazing, but better than it’s been for a few days.

Also. GMM. Today’s wheel ending!? Pete. Pete? Pete?!? Wow.

It’s Rowan’s birthday today, but I couldn’t get him a present because I’m broke due to PayPal being a piece of shit and having over $250 of my money “on hold” with no explanation as to why.

For the same reason, I also couldn’t buy myself bathers. So I can’t go swimming tomorrow, which is putting off my “let’s get fit and lose some weight by doing the only exercise that doesn’t at all hurt my back” plan. Which is fucking annoying.

Took some melatonin last night to see if it’d help me sleep better, and it knocked me out so well I forgot to make my post here for yesterday.

On the plus side, sleep.

"Monster mash!”; Neil definitely has a knack for the one-liner games, though I wonder if I’ll remember what this quote means in several months when I read back over all my posts on this blog? Haha.

And another sound effects song in Sing About It; between that one and Nick’s song, there were visible tears of laughter being shed. Shane is so on the pulse with his MCing, maybe even as good as Tegan? A bee keeper whose hobby is bee keeping… what a delightful idiot XD

And I continue to wonder how and why Nick is so awesome, and what he actually thinks of me. This mystery may never be solved.